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PrincipalSoft is an offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in custom enterprise application development services using global delivery model. PrincipalSoft brings in the expertise, knowledge and processes to cater as an outsourcing partner rather than just an outsourcing vendor.
Software Services

Experience in delivering solutions using agile development methodology demonstrates the uniqueness of software services. The services are based on use of web based tools, result oriented processes for 100% guarantee to the customer for quality and value. The success stories describe the capabilities of PrincipalSoft. more…

H. R. Management HRCare Software Product is one of the best light-weight to manage the H. R. functions of an organization. The web based Human Resource Management product covers HR Activities including induction, training, performance appraisals, leave management, timesheet, terminations and basic payroll etc., The software is workflow-driven, have email notifications, and helpful to employees, H.R., management and accounting functions more...
Online Evaluation eXam software product provides a secured way to perform evaluation over internet. It adds immense value to the organizations needing assistance in the areas of market survey, employment screening, training evaluation, distance learning programs, corporate training evaluation, appraisal evaluation and quality control.
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